Essential Home Equipment for People with Disabilities

Disability equipment for the home can help make life easier and safer for people with mobility issues. Whether it's a wheelchair ramp, specialized bathroom fixtures, or raising/lowering kitchen counters, having the right disability equipment can make living at home more comfortable and safe.

Wheelchairs, walkers and scooters.

Wheelchairs, walkers and scooters can all make it easier for people with mobility issues to move around the home. Depending on their level of mobility, a person may require a specialized wheelchair with features like adjustable height, detachable desk arms or power assist options. For those who want more independence in their movement, wheeled walkers or electric mobility scooters are other good options. Power wheelchairs are also available for people who don’t have the upper body strength to push a manual one.

Grab bars and door handles.

Grab bars, door handles, and other fixtures are a must-have in any home where someone spends a lot of time with mobility issues. These help ensure that people can safely and securely move themselves to standing positions or hold on while they transition from one spot to another. Installing grab bars around the bathroom and the entrance of the house is an excellent way to give someone with limited mobility extra support and independence at home.

Bathroom safety equipment & accessible furniture.

Having the right furniture and bathroom safety accessories in your home can help make daily life easier and more comfortable for someone with a disability. For example, assembling a shower chair or adjustable height bathtub will provide better bathing access and make it easier for the person to keep clean. Additionally, adjustable beds are great for those who can not easily get in or out of bed or need extra support when sleeping. Choosing user-friendly furniture such as countertop extensions, accessible desks and dining tables also provides greater independence so the person with a disability can complete activities at home by themselves.

Specialised beds & mattresses for support & comfort.

When it comes to providing comfortable and supportive sleeping arrangements, there are many options available to people with disabilities. Specialized beds such as adjustable beds and profiling beds can provide additional support when needed. Pressure-relief mattresses are also a great way of providing comfort and helping reduce the risk of pressure sores while sleeping. Furthermore, specialist seating systems can be integrated into beds for even more comfort and support.

Adaptive kitchen tools & gadgets for cooking & eating.

Home adjustments for disabilities can also extend into the kitchen. There are a range of tools, gadgets and inventions available to help those with disabilities or mobility issues to prepare and enjoy meals safely. Adaptive utensils with thicker handles, adjustable cutlery sets with non-slip grips and products that enable independent opening of sealed packages are all great additions to consider investing in. Investing in quality kettle tippers will assist people in pouring liquids without spilling, while heat diffusers are designed to prevent burned fingers when removing hot pots from the stove.

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