Very proud mum and dad looking over in his scrubs at newly born Ronnie.


Always Brave, Always Happy, Always Smiling, Our Warriors 

Ronnie has finally arrived safe and sound via c-section. Sarah did so well with all the build up to this day and it was nice to relax slightly before his arrival following all the other stress. We couldn't thank all those involved that day at Addenbrookes hospital enough. When he was born the first thing we looked at was that he could move all his limbs and he had a little wee as well. These things meant a lot to us, we had been told so many negative's about what he might not be able to do and then to see him just do this was unbelievable. He was a good weight of 7Ib and his lesion was covered with skin which was great news for us as this meant less damage to the nerves in his back. 


He was taken off to NICU straight away whilst I waited with Sarah in surgery to be stitched up from the c-section. Once Sarah was sorted she was wheeled through to the recovery room to relax for a bit before going to see Ronnie in NICU. The doctors then arrived and told us about Ronnie and that they were very happy with how strong he was and that he had a good appetite, both positives. Dr Holland, Ronnie's neuro consultant came to see us and discuss Ronnie with us, she explained that he did have skin covering his lesion which was great and they were deciding whether he requires surgery on his back, usually within 24hrs. Once the doctors left us we both couldn't wait to go and see Ronnie in NICU so off we went with Sarah on her hospital bed being wheeled around by the porters.


Then we saw him properly in NICU in his little incubator cot with cling film wrapped around him to give extra protection to his lesion. It was incredible to finally touch and kiss him after such a journey with him. The next day he had his MRI which showed that his brain had developed normally with no issues found and he did have some nerves within the lump on his back. After many discussions the neuro team and other doctors involved decided we could go home with him and that his surgery was to be planned for a later date due to the skin covering the lesion. Next step to follow was going home and showing him off to the family for a little while. Yeah finally !!!!

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