Finally, we got to bring this little warrior home, his sisters could not wait to see him and hold him for the first time. It was very emotional leaving NICU at Addenbrookes to drive him home to see everybody. We were both still extremely nervous about the lump that was still present on his back, and we knew everyone would feel anxious about holding him. He slept all the way home with no problems at all until he is wanting feeding, we all knew about it then.

His sisters held him proudly and both extremely nervous as well, after some reassurance and as the weeks past everybody was happy holding him although the worry was always there for his back. We kept putting the dressings on his back to make sure it was extra protected and kept an eye on his skin to make sure that was also in contact still. He was becoming stronger as the weeks went on, kicking his legs increasingly which was always great to see.

We built up for his surgery day but unfortunately this was cancelled on two separate occasions due to other emergencies. Eventually that day came and due to Covid only one of us could go into the ward with him and walk down to theatre with him. This was exceedingly difficult for us both as we naturally both wanted to be with Ronnie, but we knew we could not. Karl waited for Sarah to come down to the concourse where we waited for many hours before the buzzer went of to tell us his surgery was complete………


Always Brave, Always Happy, Always Smiling, Our Warriors 

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