Surgery was complete so off Sarah went to go meet Ronnie in recovery whilst I made the long journey home to see the girls. Ronnie was in surgery for 8 hours with some of the best neurosurgeons around in the country and had some other specialist equipment with involved probes going down his back to see which nerves are functioning and which are not. Sarah spoke with Dr Holland after the surgery, and she stated that it went very well with no issues at all and that she waited for Ronnie to wake up some more to make sure all his limbs where still moving which of course they were thankfully.

Sarah was in hospital with Ronnie for two weeks after his surgery and had many conversations with all his doctors. How they explained the surgery was just like they turned the kettle on and nothing to it however we all know that certainly was not the case. Within his lump on his back was nerves for his legs, bowel, and bladder and that they where all functional just that some of them were stuck to his skin so they gently peeled them off and put them back where they should be. Just incredible people and certainly do not get paid enough. After two weeks Ronnie was allowed to come back home again and continue his recovery with his loving family around him. We had to measure his head circumference weekly initial to see if hydrocephalus developed and if it did, we needed to rush him off to hospital.

Thankfully, this did not develop, and his recovery was going very well. He had another MRI 3 months after his surgery to check his brain development and we had to see Dr Holland for the results. She was happy to see us all and was incredibly happy with how Ronnie was doing and stated that his MRI was perfectly normal with no issues present. We naturally were both so relieved about this and the next hurdle was for his feet to be corrected due to his talipes…….


Always Brave, Always Happy, Always Smiling, Our Warriors 

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