Urodynamics Testing

Another trip to his favourite place Addenbrookes hospital, this time it was for urodynamic testing. Ronnie required a cannula with some radioactive solution put through his body to check on his kidneys and bladder. This testing would show up any issues that he may have within that area and if he had scarring present and too make sure both kidneys functioned normally. He didn't make a sound with the cannula and just sat on his mums lap without a fuss and was a good boy with the radioactive solution as well. We then had to wait for 3 hours for the solution to work before he required an MRI scan to check everything. He had something to eat and fell asleep throughout the MRI scan so he kept still enough for the scans to happen. We then had to wait for two weeks for the results from his consultant. We are very glad to report that everything is functioning normally with no issues currently and won't need this procedure for another 9 months.


Always Brave, Always Happy, Always Smiling, Our Warriors 

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