Getting Christmas Ready

Ronnie went on his first little Christmas trip and getting in the mood for the festive season. He loved looking at all the pretty lights and getting down to touch some of the decorations. His face was a picture looking at everything and was smiling the whole time. Its a beautiful place at Poplar Nurseries and a place we have been going too for years with the girls and now Ronnie has experienced it for himself. Such a shame that you can't go walking around to see Santa anymore. This has been stopped because of the dreaded COVID over the last couple of years. Such a shame for all the children. Although you can book to see him whilst you go for breakfast !!!


Always Brave, Always Happy, Always Smiling, Our Warriors 

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Martin Taber
a year ago

Ronnie's first Christmas, our little warrior loves the lights.

Karl Taber
a year ago

He certainly does love the Christmas lights.