Another long trip to Addenbrookes for some more testing for little man. This required catheter and some sensors up his bottom to check the pressures of everything and to make sure that his bladder was emptying properly. Firstly he had an ultrasound of his kidneys which showed no issues at all and everything functioning normally with no scarring present. Then we went to see his two urology consultants for the next procedure. Ronnie got very upset because we had to hold him down whilst both catheter and sensors are put into the correct place. They then filled his bladder up with fluid to check how he would pass urine whilst monitoring the sensor at the same time. Soon as the bladder was filled Ronnie decided that he wanted to wee everywhere which he did bypassing the catheter and nearly hitting both his consultants. Both his consultants showed extreme delight that he could do this and started clapping and smiling with him as the result was so good. They explained after the procedure that everything was working normally with no issues and that he will be seen once a year within the Spina Bifida clinic. Fantastic result for us which we are all so happy and relieved about. 

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