Strawberry Picking

Ronnie's family had a tradition of going strawberry picking every summer, and he eagerly awaited the day when the bright red berries would be ready to harvest. The anticipation built up as they drove to the strawberry fields, with Ronnie's imagination running wild with thoughts of the juicy, sweet fruits that awaited him. As they arrived at the farm, Ronnie's eyes widened in excitement. Rows upon rows of strawberry plants stretched out before him, their vibrant red fruits peeking out from the green foliage. His family grabbed their baskets and set off, carefully selecting the ripest and plumpest strawberries to fill their containers. Ronnie couldn't resist popping a few strawberries into his mouth as he picked, relishing in their burst of flavour. His fingers became stained with the red juice, a joyful badge of a successful day of strawberry picking. 

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