Telling the family and Children

Telling our family and the older children that something is possibly wrong with our baby was the hardest thing to do. We cried, we all cried, it was an extremely hard and difficult time for us all but especially for Sarah as Ronnie's mother. She felt responsible and extremely upset and kept blaming herself, Karl felt lost and helpless, unable to help at all. Next thing for us all was to await for an appointment at Addenbrookes hospital so they could scan the baby and then tell us what was really wrong with him and a chance for us to ask questions and try and get the answers we so badly needed  It was tempting to try and do our own research, although we got told that it would be better to wait until our appointment with the consultant at Addenbrookes. The wait for the appointment was horrible, two weeks we waited and it was all so difficult and emotional. When we had the appointment the consultant scanned Sarah and then we got asked to wait in another room where he was going to give us some results. He confirmed that our baby had a lower grade lesion and that it was Spina Bifida and currently wasn't showing any signs of issues with his brain. He made us feel optimistic about the whole thing and we came out actually not as bad as we thought we would. We got told that lower lesions have a better outcome in everyday life and he asked us to attend an MRI appointment with Ronnie with the results being sent up to Sheffield and reported back to us within two weeks. The wait was on ..............................................  


Always Brave, Always Happy, Always Smiling, Our Warriors 

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