2nd September 2021: 20 week scan day and we are all excited and happy to see little one and find out the sex of the baby. Everything was going so well, all measurements perfect and little one was kicking the probe and moving around. We are both so happy that everything so far was good and looked normal. Then the sonographer was looking at his back and kept measuring and looking before looking at the head again. It all went quiet and we both knew that this wasn't normal why does she keep measuring and checking those areas. Then the sonographer said it to us that she had picked up a problem with his back and a cyst lump is present. We went quiet and looked at each other shocked and not knowing how to feel. The sonographer then got a colleague in the room to double check. A cyst on the back is present although difficult to see and we then went into a different room to wait and see a specialist midwife regarding the issue. We didn't speak with each other and didn't know what to think, our emotions are everywhere at this point. The room felt so small that we couldn't breath and then the door opened with the specialist midwife entering the room. What she was saying to us we new very little about, Spina Bifida!, we were speechless.................  then we both cried into each others arms before leaving and getting into our car. We went home in turmoil, how were we going to tell our families and our older children that our baby has Spina Bifida.


Always Brave, Always Happy, Always Smiling, Our Warriors 

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