So here we are, first results after the first MRI scan that was taken. We got taken into a room with four doctors who explained the MRI results to us in simple and easy terms. At the moment it appears that Ronnie's brain isn't developing properly and that the prognosis for when he is born means his quality of life isn't going to be very good. We asked if we could have another MRI scan in two weeks again to see if anything has changed which they agreed we could do. Sarah then had an Amniocentesis to check for any other possible abnormalities present and we also had to await for the results from that test, the stress was building up for all of us. It was very hard to carry on with normal life but what other choice did we have,? we had to for our girls and tried and keep them happy and positive. Those weeks seemed to take for ever and we didn't go a day without more questions between us and worries, eventually we were back at hospital getting the results of the Tests. The results were  inconclusive and we were told that we could have another MRI scan in four weeks. Another 4 weeks of worry but we wanted to try and give Ronnie one last chance before any further decisions were made about him and his future. Termination was always an option given to us but we wanted to fight on and give our son a chance.


Always Brave, Always Happy, Always Smiling, Our Warriors 

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