So before we made that last crucial decision we had a little holiday with our little man. We made memories with our family on that holiday and tried to make it as normal as possible for the girls, however Ronnie was always in our minds. What if his brain hadn't developed? How would we cope ? How could we make the hardest decision of our lives. We spoke about what we wanted at his funeral and how we wanted it to look and everything if things didn't work out. We planned his music, we planned his coffin and what he was going to wear. This was so difficult for us, we tried to have a good time for the sake of our girls but it was difficult, very difficult and emotional. Life would never have been the same for us again, just heartbreak and trying to get through it all with each other.


We both remember driving to hospital on the results day of his last MRI, we didn't speak, we both felt sick to the stomach. We held hands as much as we could whilst driving, thinking and crying. We went upstairs at the Rosie Hospital and waited to be called through by the nurse to see the consultant. She came, she called us, this was it the hardest decision of our lives was about to happen. Just the consultant and the nurse are present, we sat down gripping each other looking at the consultant and then she said his brain has developed normally and looks fine. We both said WHAT? this wasn't what we planned for are you serious? she said everything was normal with his brain and now we could plan for his birth and surgery.


After the appointment we are both in total shock but extremely happy to say the least. Then the phone calls happened, with our parents, and the family, everybody cried and couldn't believe it. We could buy things now and Sarah could finally relax and enjoy some of her pregnancy. Wow just wow little man is going to be here, what a relief after so much worry...


Always Brave, Always Happy, Always Smiling, Our Warriors 

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Kim Dunn
a year ago

I remember this like it was yesterday. Oh my goodness how lucky are we all to now be smiling and enjoying Ronnie’s adventures xxx

Martin Taber
a year ago

We will never forget what you went through and how we all felt as your family. What a journey, a journey of hurt, love, heartbreak and joy. Your desire to now help others with Spina Warriors is truly inspirational.