Are you feeling overwhelmed by a Spina Bifida Diagnosis, or do you have Spina Bifida? 

Read on to get help and support...

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This is our son Ronnie. Ronnie has Spina Bifida but he, with his little Teddy called Biffy, have battled through numerous hospital visits, he is our little Spina Warrior. Today, we count ourselves lucky with Ronnie's progress but it hasn't always been that way. At the 28 week mark during Sarah's pregnancy (Ronnie's doting mum) we were planning for the worst outcome imaginable for any parent. To lose him was a real fear that we were reminded of with every hospital appointment but we decided to give our unborn son a chance when the odds were stacked against him and of course us.

Do you suffer the same turmoil or has your son/daughter been born with Spina Bifida  and you are struggling to cope?

Join us for help and support. Together we will all battle Spina Bifida and support each other.

Karl and Sarah Taber, proud parents of our son Ronnie, our little Spina Warrior.

Always Brave, Always Happy, Always Smiling, Our Warriors 

Currently your donations and support are helping produce our Spina Warriors mascot Biffy, these teddies are essential for those children that are in hospital and to accompany children to their general appointments at hospital. They offer comfort and support throughout procedures and also act as a distraction and comfort. Biffy can accompany children anywhere from general shopping to going on holiday. Thank you so much for your continued support. 


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The Spina Warriors mission is to battle the impact of Spina Bifida, to spread awareness and raise funds for research to help families with the long haul affects this condition can bring. Together we are Spina Warriors

Spina Warriors is a Community Interest Company founded for the benefit of raising funds to assist the broader community affected by Spina Bifida.