About Us

Hello everybody, My name is Karl Taber and my wife is Sarah Taber and we have created Spina Warriors. We have four children between us Grace, Isabella, Isla and finally Ronnie. We both work within the NHS. The reason why we started Spina Warriors was after an extremely difficult time throughout Sarah's pregnancy with Ronnie. As you may have guessed Ronnie was born with Spina Bifida.


From the time of diagnosis until he was born all we did as a family was worry and we even prepared for the worse situation possible and that no parent should ever have to do and that was prepare for a possible funeral. Thankfully everything pulled through and yes he was born with L5-S3 Spina Bifida but has been fortunate enough not to develop hydrocephalus or any other neurological issues. We had never dealt with or really even heard about Spina Bifida before this happened and involved us and our new son Ronnie.


We soon realised that minimal support was available to us and didn't know what direction to go in with any decisions we were going to make. This is why we have created Spina Warriors to help spread awareness about Spina Bifida and to tell our story on the blog which might give some comfort and support to other people. Donations are welcome no matter how big or small to help us achieve our mission. Thank you for reading and thank you for the support.


The Spina Warriors mission is to battle the impact of Spina Bifida, to spread awareness and raise funds for research to help families with the long haul affects this condition can bring. Together we are Spina Warriors.


Always Brave, Always Happy, Always Smiling, Our Warriors